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Moschos Olives was established in 2012, aiming to produce high quality olives and extra virgin olive oil and acquaint people with the authentic Olive products.

We source the finest olive varieties and process them in a wide array of styles and forms to give our customers exceptional choices.

our values


We respect our suppliers. Olive farmers are the core of our business.


We are loyal to our partners worldwide. Together we can accomplish more.


We never stop striving to become better. We always chase the best possible result, the best possible quality of products and services.

what we do

Our brand

Moschos Olives company produces and distributes products under its own brand “Moschos”. The brand name “Moschos” guarantees the high quality and sets specific requirements in production, processing, packaging and distribution of the products.

Private label

Moschos Olives company packs its products in various packaging under our partners’ private label. We offer our partners many choices to select their preferred packaging and own brand.


Moschos Olives, also sells its products in bulk (barrels).


In 2014, Moschos Olives established an ultra modern factory with state of the art production equipment which complies with the strictest quality standards and certifications at the heart of our olive estates.